Earth Easy is the brainchild of Long Island native Greg Seaman. After living on both coasts and in both rural and urban settings, he and his wife with a three month old in tow decided to simplify their lifestyle and move off grid. Now, is a family run business allowing everyone involved to live out their ideals of treading lightly on this planet.

Tweet: Life seems to let you have your goal as long as you’re clear about it. -Greg S @Eartheasy via @SustainableMind


Light Bulb Moments

  • #1 – After working at the multimedia exhibit “Can Man Survive?” at the American Museum of Natural History the facts of human over-consumption were undeniable.
  • #2 – The birth of a child will cause anyone to make dramatic changes. Greg and his wife Lindsay moved to a remote island after the birth of their first son.

Environmental Resource

  • Environmental Working Group – Empowers people to live healthier lives by covering research and education to change consumer habits.

Sustainable Mindset Book

Interview Links


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001: Intentional lifestyle with Greg Seaman of Earth Easy
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