001: Intentional lifestyle with Greg Seaman of Earth Easy

Earth Easy is the brainchild of Long Island native Greg Seaman. After living on both coasts and in both rural and urban settings, he and his wife with a three month old in tow decided to simplify their lifestyle and move off grid. Now, EarthEasy.com is a family run business allowing everyone involved to live out their ideals of treading lightly on this planet.

Tweet: Life seems to let you have your goal as long as you’re clear about it. -Greg S @Eartheasy http://ctt.ec/0Ucsm+ via @SustainableMind


Light Bulb Moments

  • #1 – After working at the multimedia exhibit “Can Man Survive?” at the American Museum of Natural History the facts of human over-consumption were undeniable.
  • #2 – The birth of a child will cause anyone to make dramatic changes. Greg and his wife Lindsay moved to a remote island after the birth of their first son.

Environmental Resource

  • Environmental Working Group – Empowers people to live healthier lives by covering research and education to change consumer habits.

Sustainable Mindset Book

Interview Links


*images courtesy of Greg Seaman and Eartheasy.com

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