004: Controlled Rot (Fermentation) and Other Kitchen DIY with Anne-Marie Bonneau of ZeroWasteChef.com

Anne-Marie grew up learning the DIY mentality from her father. She now puts it to use in the kitchen making all her food from scratch, from sourdough to kombucha and everything in between. AND she hosts webinars to empower others to do the same. In this fun episode we discuss talking the talk and walking the walk in regards to sustainable living.

“The last thing the world needs is another specialty food business.” @ZeroWasteChef http://asustainablemind.com/004 via @SustainableMind


What is one question your younger self would ask you?

  • How can I get to where you are sooner? How can I start now?

Tip for those hoping to spread their knowledge within the community.

  • Attend lectures, learn something new and meet new people

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*images courtesy of Anne-Marie Bonneau