010: Getting Real About What Kind of Action Really Improves the Planet with Colin Beavan

Dr. Colin Beavan is among the world’s foremost spokespeople in environmental issues and consumerism. He was called the Best Green Ambassador by TreeHugger and his blog was selected as one of the top 15 green blogs by Time magazine. He has spoken and consulted with brands such as eBay and Cliff Bars and has traveled the world speaking to audiences from California to the Czech Republic. When his film No Impact Man hit the environmental documentary world it changed the landscape forever.


My favorite takeaways from this episode:

“People always talk about the impact of TV on children…but when I cut out those 3 hours of TV…I became a better father.”

“Whatever you care about, the way to learn what to do about it is to join in with groups that are already doing something about it. find other people that are already starting and they will teach you.”

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  • Facebook – using online platforms to help facilitate offline work

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