013: Charting Your Own Path to a Career in Sustainability with Take 3’s Tim Silverwood

Tim Silverwood is an educator, environmentalist and speaker. He founded Take 3 – A Clean Beach Initiative, asking everyone to complete one simple action each time they visit a beach, waterway or anywhere else; take 3 pieces of litter with you when you leave. Tim has also participated in research of the Great Pacific garbage patch, co-founded Circular Economy Australia and is the director of Rechusable.


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My favorite takeaways from this episode:

  • You don’t necessarily need a degree or accolades to be successful in the environmental field. Simply surround yourself with those who are already participating in the work you want to be doing everyday.
  • Make sure that your organization is scalable as it grows and consider tying in with other organizations to relieve the amount of responsibilities you take on.
  • If environmental sustainability or any other path is appealing to you, you have weighed the risk versus reward and know it is going to work then it is worth the challenge of going for it.



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