014: Origins of Nature Deficit Disorder and How to Get Kids Reconnected with Texas Children in Nature’s Jennifer Bristol

Jennifer Bristol is the state coordinator for Texas Children in Nature which connects over 300 organizations with the children & nature movement in Texas. Prior to becoming the first state coordinator for TCiN she created award-winning conservation education curriculum and youth development programs for Camp Fire and served as a park ranger for Texas Parks and Wildlife.


Tweet This: Anytime wildlife is involved it stimulates care & concern that transforms into a conservation mindset

My favorite takeaways from this episode:

  • It is important for adults to keep in mind that children don’t always interact with things the way we expect them to. Instead of overthinking programming and activities, give them freedom to explore and see what the kids come up with themselves.
  • Technology can be a great tool to improve how children interact with Nature. With the right apps and devices such as cameras, trail mappers and species ID apps kids can experience the outdoors on another level.
  • Anyone interested in creating a resources for children to explore the outdoors might consider building relationships in unexpected places: with museums, architects, individuals and groups in the health & wellness community, etc.


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