015: The Urban Forest and the Importance of Trees with Cindy Blain

Cindy Blain had a background in marketing and tech but wanted a life for her family out of Silicon Valley and closer to nature. She has worked with environmentally focused non-profits such as the Presentation Retreat & Conference Center and Sacramento Tree Foundation. Now, as the Executive Director of California ReLeaf, she is at the helm of not just any non-profit but a network of over 90 organizations throughout California that are dedicated to planting and caring for trees in the urban forest. In this conversation we go behind the scenes of California ReLeaf, discuss how trees improve every facet of our lives and consider how sprawled cities can learn a thing or two from the compact development of smaller countries.

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My favorite takeaway from this episode:

  • Planting a tree is one of the easiest and most important acts an individual can do. It is a simple way to start giving back to your community and the urban forest at large.

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