016: Holism, Food Activism and Environmental Justice with Nikki Silvestri

Nikki Silvestri has had a long history of working to support environmental justice and growing sustainable communities. As a Co-founder of Live Real and former Executive Director of People’s Grocery and Green For All, Nikki has strengthened social equity for underrepresented populations in food systems, social services, public health, climate solutions and economic development. Now as a Co-founder and CEO of Soil and Shadow (formerly Silvestri Strategies) she is working to support thriving communities, economies and natural environments.


Tweet This: “Once we understand our role, that is when we can move together to make sure our species has a healthy place to live” @NikkiCSilvestri

Key takeaways and food for thought

  • What we tend to overlook: Removing carbon from the atmosphere through sequestration is just as important as generating less carbon.
  • Her most unexpected gift: After working with some of the most influential Black environmentalists of our time Nikki has gained a healthy respect for what it takes to lead.
  • Statistic: In the US nearly 70 percent of African-Americans live within 30 miles of a coal power plant.


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