021: Ecological Art and Bringing Nature Into the Home with Ashley Lieber

Ashley Lieber is an ecological artist and educator. In this episode we discuss her ecological art series, Moss for Meditation, as well as maker culture, building sustainable community, hydroponics (one of my favorite topics), tips on how to get FREE SEEDS! and much more.

Favorite Quote

Question: What is the most unexpected gift that you have received as the result of bringing Ashley’s Alchemy to life?

“Community. Absolutely. Community and the plethora of people that I meet along the way are people who are interested in health. People who are interested in food, people who are interested and science and permaculture and farming and water. That is the most exciting thing. Like attracts like. So by creating ecological art, things that are green, I’m attracting people who love and appreciate nature. It’s very exciting.”





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