023: Tiny House, Big Decision with Tiny House Podcast Co-host Perry Gruber

Perry Gruber is a man of many hats including entrepreneur, speaker, and social engineer. He is the founder of Copiosis, which is a new economic system for a post-capitalist world. In addition to this he is the co-founder of The Tiny House Podcast which is the most popular tiny house podcast in the world.

Perry Gruber grew up in California and has always felt deeply connected to the natural world. After his parents’ divorce and subsequent uprooting to the east coast, Perry grew up dealing with economic hardship. At this point Perry decided it was most important to focus on gaining a better socioeconomic status. As he reached the peak of his career, Perry knew something was missing and decided to lead a more sustainable life.

Perry has since started building his own tiny house and is an avid tiny house enthusiast. In this episode we discuss the tiny house movement and much more including pros, cons, and how Perry got started on his journey.



0:03 Opening Quote

0:38 Perry Gruber Introduction

1:36 Role of Nature & Sustainability in upbringing

6:12 Sustainability as a luxury

10:33 Tiny House Podcast

13:20 Changing of Consumer Lifestyle

20:10 Coming Full Circle

20:55 Sustainability with Partners & Personal Space

24:49 Building a Tiny house

28:45 Sizing down to a tiny house

29:57 House as an investment

30:45 The Tiny House Community

31:58 Most Important Considerations for a Tiny House

34:02 What if everyone lives in a tiny house?

38:28 Copiosis, the post capitalism society

40:26 Sustainable Lifestyle Challenge

41:16 Seven Sustainable Questions


Favorite Quote

“A lot of people are going to want to stay in the urban centers and if your going to want to stay in urban centers you’re going to have to learn to live in a smaller space.”



Seth Speaks by Seth and Jane Roberts

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