025: Use Your Money to Make a Difference with Cara MacMillan

Cara MacMillan is a financial planner & consultant. She teaches sustainable investing as well as how to integrate sustainability into your everyday life in order to save money and save the planet each and every day. She has a book out titled It’s Only Money and it Grows on Trees talking about the roll of money in our families and our culture. Her next book is right around the corner, being released in November 2016, called Make Big Money and Make a Big Difference on investing wisely with our planet in mind

Favorite Quote

I started to move much more quickly towards understanding that we have a responsibility in marketing our nature, we have a responsibility in protecting nature and we also have an opportunity to look at the world from a very different perspective. Tweet This



Climate Reality Project & Leadership Corps

GreenBiz.com has tons of environmental information, tools and data for the entrepreneurial & business community.

Cara’s Books:

The Lake Isle of Innesfree poem by William Butler Yeats

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