Easiest Ways to Go Green in 2018

In this episode, we list some of the easiest and most effective ways for just about anyone to live a more earth-conscious lifestyle in the new year. From reducing energy consumption at home to conserving resources through changes in diet, we’ve got you covered.

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My #3 easiest way to go green in the new year: Reduce energy consumption at home

  • Mind your bulbs
    • turn off lights when exiting a room
    • buy compact fluorescence (CFLs) instead of traditional incandescence to save TONS on electricity, click here to learn more about lighting options
  • Choose your appliances wisely
    • make a smarter decision by going by the Energy Star rating which tells you the annual cost and energy consumption of any given appliance
    • Do you really need that appliance anyway? duplicates and larger units than you need can put an unnecessary drain on your wallet
    • purchase customizable appliances like programmable thermostats, reversible fans, etc.
  • Make sure your home is well-insulated

My #2 easiest way to go green in the new year: Reduce transportation footprint. This article discusses the direct and indirect impacts of transportation in depth.

  • Keep up with vehicle maintenance
    • keep tires inflated, oil changed regularly and air filters clear
  • Reduce friction
    • While traveling in a sedan, roll your windows down when going under 65 MPH, but when you hit 65 and up, roll them up and use the A/C…you’ll use less gas
    • Remove ski, snowboard, surfboard, luggage, and bike racks from the top of your car when you won’t be using them
  • Carpool
    • If you have a lengthy commute, consider carpooling once a week, you’ll save a lot of gas, and between traffic and parking and just having to pay attention for the duration you might find yourself looking forward to this day each week. Use these resources to help you find carpooling options in your city
    • Get groceries/CSA boxes delivered, this will cut the impact of your store runs in half
    • Use the rideshare option in popular apps like Uber Pool and Lyft Line. But remember, you have to choose this option when requesting a ride, carpooling/ridesharing is not the default. ***Get $5 off your first two rides by clicking either of the links above!***

My #1 easiest way to go green in the new year: Reduce consumption of resource-hungry foods

Every moment of every day is a new opportunity to make a different decision and start cultivating a new habit. do you have a new eco-friendly habit that you’re committed to cultivating in the new year? Let’s hear it! Tag us on Twitter, Instagram or in our Facebook group, with the hashtag #newhabit, to join in on the conversation.