034: Urban foraging and eating local with Mallory O’Donnell

Mallory O’Donnell has spent the last several years foraging in rural New Jersey and now shares their experiences, favorite ingredients recipes with the world through the blog How to Cook a Weed. In this episode, we discuss great ways to get started with foraging in your backyard or garden, how to stay safe while eating local plants and the benefits of seeing your immediate environment through a different set of lenses. If you are interested in truly eating local Mallory is a fantastic resource.

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Don’t think it’s a far away or exotic thing or that you have to be deep in the woods. In fact, deep in the woods is the last place to look for food. Look around you, look in your own civilized environment and you’ll find these little organisms that are despised by so many, but are actually full of nutrition and full of interest and full of good taste. Click to retweet!

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How to Cook a Weed:


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Resources & Book Suggestions:

Plants For a Future – http://www.pfaf.org/

Honey From a Weed (1986) by Patience Grey

North American Mycological Association (NAMA) – https://www.namyco.org/clubs.php (mushroom clubs)


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