035: Veganism and Animal Cruelty, Creating a Better Planet for Everyone, with Erica Sodos

Erica Sodas is a mentalist, magicians, and psychic entertainer that also happens to be a vegan and fierce animal rights activists. Trigger Warning: In this episode we will be discussing veganism and animal cruelty. We talk about the living conditions of chickens and pigs and the environmental implications of the beef and seafood industries. And then Erica does a magic trick for me…see video below! ­čÖé

Favorite Quote

Every single one of us has the power with the choices that we make every day to create a healthier environment and kinder world and a powerful lifestyle choice that will be helpful to all species on this planet and to the environment and help create a kinder world and a healthier body is the vegan lifestyle. Tweet This!

035 Quote - A Sustainable Mind Erica Sodos Magician Vegan Animal Rights Activist

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Oh She Glows – plant-based recipes by Angela Liddon

Vegan Richa – vegan recipes by Richa Hingle

Minimalist Baker – plant-based recipes, all requiring 10 ingredients or less, by Dana Shultz

Diet for a New America by John Robbins

Animal Liberation by Peter Singer