045: Fighting for Clean Water Worldwide with WaterAid America’s CEO Sarina Prabasi

Sarina Prabasi is the CEO of WaterAid America, a non-profit that brings clean water, sanitation and hygiene to over 37 countries across the globe. WaterAid also provides job training so the communities can learn to sustain the well systems, water pumps, toilets, faucets, etc. on their own.

WaterAid Online:

WaterAid.org (select your region at the top of their homepage and dive in)

Don’t forget to check out their opportunities for advocacy, teaching, volunteering, etc. If you want to give of your time and resources to this amazing organization just follow the links at the top of their homepage and you’ll find exactly what you are looking for.

Some of my favorite stories from WaterAid:

Connect with WaterAid America on Social Media:


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Book Suggestion & Resource From Sarina:

Resource: Twitter! Social media can be a drag but it is also a great place to find community. Here are tips from Sarina and I on how to get the most out of social media without losing yourself:

  • Follow people and organizations that you admire and who are doing great things in the world. Posts from them can help you stay positive
  • Join groups. I am a member of MANY Facebook groups and regardless of your feelings toward the company there really isn’t anything like it as far as being able to immediately connect with like minds on a regular basis. There is a group for just about anything. Examples of groups I’m a part of include several podcasting groups, several farming groups, a local female hiking group and a few business coaching groups.
  • Be on a mission: if you are there for a daily pick me up or to ask a specific question, do that and move along. Social media can result in many non-productive rabbit holes if you let it so beware!

Book: Sarina suggests Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg which is about so much more than just writing. Check it out!