055: Being the change and making an impact at any age with Sam Demma and Dillon Mendes of PickWaste

Sam Demma and Dillon Mendes started holding weekly trash pick-up events in their hometown of Pickering, Ontario. Now, a year later, they have a budding organization called PickWaste, where they are inspiring people of all ages to pick up one single piece of litter each day. They have both been named Top 25 Environmentalists in Canada and are dedicated to taking their message global.

In this episode we cover:

  • How these two high school seniors were initially inspired to start PickWaste
  • Their plans to take their organization global
  • Suggestions for young people just getting started in environmental activism

PickWaste Online:

Resources and Research Suggestion From Sam and Dillon:

Co-founders of 4 Oceans

Elon Musk

Katie Wallace

Fabio Rosa

Skid Crease