057: Let’s talk microplastics with Jay Sinha of Life Without Plastic

Jay Sinha is Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Life Without Plastic with business partner Chantal Plamondon. He has a background in biochemistry, ecotoxicology and law. Despite luddite tendencies, he embraces technology, but has no problem turning off his iPhone and unplugging. He loves nature and all its seasons. He dreams about Teslas with his car-crazy son.

In this episode we cover:

  • What exactly happens when our bodies are exposed to BPA and other endocrine disruptors in plastics
  • What are microplastics and how do they get into the environment
  • What can  do to minimize our contribution of microplastics into the environment
  • How we can impact the government and industry from the position of a consumer
  • The future of sustainable small businesses

Life Without Plastic:

Resources suggestions from Jay:

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