058: Sustainable Beekeeping and Making a Difference in the Peace Corps with Katherine Milling

Nature’s Nectar works with rural Zambian’s to provide a sustainable income as well as protect the local forest through beekeeping. Their model uses long lasting top bar beehives to ensure the beekeeping practice can survive and thrive for generations to come.

In this episode we cover:

  • Why is the traditional approach to beekeeping in the West Lunga area of Zambia unsustainable
  • What other environmental issues did Katherine observe while working in the Peace Corps
  • How Nature’s Nectar is helping provide a more sustainable approach to beekeeping in their area
  • What it’s really like to be in the Peace Corps and what type of work are you doing

Nature’s Nectar Online:

  • NaturesNectarZambia.com – We are dedicated to making a truly impactful income that places value on the surrounding local forest.
  • Social Media: Instagram | Facebook
  • Here’s how you can help: https://www.naturesnectarzambia.com/become-a-sponsor/

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