Featured Guests

Lauren Nixon

Health & Wellness Educator

Tim Silverwood

Co-Founder at Take 3

Jennifer Bristol

State Coordinator at Texas Children in Nature

Cindy Blain

Executive Director of California ReLeaf

Sara Wiener

Founder of Sara Bella UpCycled

Tameko Rowe

Founder of Cocoa Butter Mothers

Ashley Lieber

Ecological Artist

Tara Whitsitt

Founder of Fermentation on Wheels

Perry Gruber

Co-Host of Tiny House Podcast

Ron Placone

Comedian and TV Personality

Cara MacMillan

Author of It Is Only Money and It Grows on Trees!

Maya van Rossum

Author of the Green Amendment

Barbara Lee

Host of Trashy Beauty Podcast

Matt Podolsky

Host of Eyes on Conservation Podcast

Mallory O’Donnell

Blogger at How to Cook a Weed

Lawson Hunter

Host of Earth Matters Podcast

Marc de Sousa-Shields

Sustainable Investment Consultant

Bex Band

Founder of Love Her Wild

Sarina Prabasi

CEO of WaterAid America

Greg Peterson

Founder of Urban Farm U

Kathryn Kemp Guylay

Author of Make Nutrition Fun

Colin Beavan

No Impact Man

Topher White

Founder of Rainforest Connection

Ma’ikwe Ludwig

Former Executive Director of Dancing Rabbit Eco Village

Jay Sinha

Co-Founder of Life Without Plastic

Denzel Austin Thompson

Co-Founder of Philadelphia Urban Creators

Anne-Marie Bonneau

The Zero Waste Chef

Laird Christensen

Program Director at Green Mountain College

Greg Seaman

Founder of EarthEasy

Gator Halpern and Sam Teicher

Founders of Coral Vita

Rick Nahmias

Founder of Food Forward

Lindsey McCoy

Co-Founder of Plaine Products

Jessica Graham

Wildlife Security Expert

Chance Thompson

Green Event Expert

Zoe Jazz

Blogger at Aint No Planet B

Matthew Stillman

Founder of Primal Derma

Ellen Minty

Host of Power Women in Green

Katrina Spade

Founder of Recompose

John All

Mountaineer and Scientist

Jordan Figueiredo

Founder of the Ugly Fruit & Veg Campaign

Bea Johnson

Author of Zero Waste Home

Erica Sodos

Magician and Animal Rights Activists

Nikki Silvestri

Founder of Soil and Shadow

Tom Szaky

CEO of TerraCycle