Sometimes Your Why Finds You

In today’s episode I talk to you about a few things that came up for me over the last few months that caused me to stop recording for a while. I am happy to be back on the mic once more and in this episode I announce some cool stuff I’m introducing to the show.

You’ve Got My Number!

That’s right, ASM now has its own phone number where you can leave a message, text me and participate in the show. /*That number is 323-536-1120.*/

  • In this episode I share my “why” (the primary motivating force for any particular goal or in life in general) for getting back in the game with ASM. Share your why by leaving a voicemail and I will be featuring one recording on each future episode of A Sustainable Mind.
  • You will also be able to use that phone number to participate in live shows and online events in the future
  • Freebies! Some episodes moving forward will have a free pdf, gift or coupon you can download. Text the code for a given episode to this number and you will get back a url where you can download it.

More Sustainable How-to

I will be focusing more on the how-to of sustainable living in future episodes.

What Do You Want to Learn About?! (a quick survey)

Let me know what you would like to learn more about when it comes to environmental sustainability. I will be reading all of your responses and incorporating those topics into future shows. Take the survey and influence the future of A Sustainable Mind podcast.