Have you ever

wanted to start a cause-based podcast?!

Let’s bring your passions and your great ideas together to make a difference in your community.

what can podcasts do for your cause?

Expand your organization’s reach

Build an even larger community around your cause

Create a productive, inclusive, solutions-driven conversation

The course

Ultimate Podcast Launch Formula

Buying Equipment

Design Eye-catching Show Art

Naming Your Show

Write a Great Description

Submit to Apple

Distribute to the Major Channels

Find the Right Host

Write Actionable Show Notes

The coaching

1-on-1 Sessions with Marjorie Alexander

How to Build Your Community

Attract like-minded people to your show.

Get Influencers as Guests

Spark productive converstaions and move toward solutions with the experts.

Templates Galore!

There is a template for just about everything from guests invites to social media promo.

Grow Your Show

Build an audience quickly, easily and for free.

Promote Events and Fundraisers

Use your show to bring attention to live events and grow your mailing list.

Tools & Resources

Get the right tools and strategies for an efficient and headache-free production process.

This IS for you if:

You have a topic you want to teach, a story you want to share, or a community you want to strengthen.

You want others to be a part of this journey with you, either as a co-host, a guest, or as a listener.

You have a passion for your topic, cause or group.

This is NOT for you if:

You simply want a calling card or to be pod-famous.

You are not looking to help anyone but yourself.

The primary purpose of your podcast is to make money.

Expert Intsructors

Meet The Team

Doug Sandler

Doug Sandler

The Course Creator

Doug has hosted over 1000 episodes of The Nice Guys on Business podcast and hundreds more on 6 other shows plus he’s had countless guest appearances. Doug is CEO of Turnkey Podcast and uses his show to build his multiple businesses and personal brand. He is a published author, speaker and business growth expert.

Marjorie Alexander

Marjorie Alexander

Your Podcast Coach

After launching A Sustainable Mind and interviewing some of the biggest names in sustainability Marjorie became Director of Operations for Turnkey Podcast. She has helped over 50 entrepreneurs, authors, and speakers launch and grow their shows. But her real passion is helping other change-makers find their voice through podcasting.


What People Are Saying

“Doug and you are fantastic. Thanks for such great detailed info. Could not be doing this without you guys.

C. H.

Current Client in Pre-launch

Truly awesome!!! Thank you, thank you!

S. D.

Current Client Doing Podcast Rebrand

Thank you so much! Something cool happened. I was invited to write for a media digest!

D. C.

Newly Launched Client

Course + Coaching Launch Package

Ultimate Podcast Launch Formula online course

One month of 1-on-1 coaching with Marjorie Alexander

BONUS:  An appearance on A Sustainable Mind podcast (or another show if ASM isn’t aligned with your content)

BONUS:  Inspirational audio made just for change-makers

Ready to Make a Change in the World?

Come with your best ideas and your biggest passions and let’s make this thing happen. Together.