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Brightmark is a leader in plastics renewal technology.

About Brightmark…

Brightmark brings together visionary engineering and cutting-edge waste solutions technology to make a positive impact on our communities and the world around them while keeping an eye on the future. They do this by transforming organic waste into renewable natural gas and creating innovative approaches to plastics renewal.

One cool thing about Brightmark:

So far they have partnered with 20 dairy farms in six states on renewable natural gas (RNG) projects featuring anaerobic digestion technology.
Once all of these projects are operational, Brightmark’s RNG projects will generate enough renewable natural gas each year to drive 5,100 18-wheeler trucks from San Francisco to New York City. This RNG is sourced from biogas, a byproduct of another industry (readily available) in order to replace fossil fuels and the environmental implications that come with extracting and transporting them.


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