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A Sustainable Mind started out as my master’s thesis project. I found that there were not a lot of people present in the conversations I was attending that looked or identified as I do. In classes, conferences and events I was one of few women, fewer young people and often the only woman of color. 

This show is my way of expanding the conversation to include everyone. I set an intention before every interview to truly be the audience. Anyone, from a middle school student to a retiree, and everyone that is not necessarily educated on the topics at hand should be able to listen with ease. 

It is the responsibility of all of us to improve this place we call home so we must all be present at the table.


Marjorie Alexander

Marjorie Alexander

Host & Producer

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Sustainable Intimacy Products with Wendy Strgar of Good Clean Love

In this episode Marjorie and Wendy chat about the the dangers of petroleum in personal care products, new bioplastic packaging technology and some basic tools to stay connected with your romantic partner.

Episode 66   |    50min

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