037 Ellen Hielkema Power Women in Green - Header ASM

037: Advocating for a better planet with Ellen Hielkema of Power Women in Green Podcast

Ellen Hielkema is the host of Power Women in Green, a podcast that highlights women that are making the world a better place through green business.

036 Jessica Graham wildlife conservation environmental security jg global advisory - header ASM

036: Wildlife and Wilderness Conservation Through Law Enforcement with Jessica Graham

Jessica is a crime-fighting conservationist. Today we discuss the implications of wildlife trafficking and illegal logging as well as how civilians and tourists can help.

035 ASM Header - A Sustainable Mind Erica Sodos Vegan Animal Rights Activist

035: Veganism and Animal Cruelty, Creating a Better Planet for Everyone, with Erica Sodos

Magician Erica Sodas talks to us about veganism and animal cruelty…and then does a magic trick!

034 Header

034: Urban foraging and eating local with Mallory O’Donnell

Mallory O’Donnell forages in rural New Jersey and shares experiences, favorite ingredients recipes with the world through the blog How to Cook a Weed.

033 header

033: Rebuilding coral reefs and keeping our oceans healthy with Gator Halpern and Sam Teicher of Coral Vita

Sam & Gator’s love for oceans inspired them to launch a company to solve global coral reef degradation called Coral Vita.

032 header

Easiest Ways to Go Green in 2018

The easiest and most effective ways to live a more earth-conscious lifestyle in the new year.

Praise for A Sustainable Mind

Love It!

This is such a great idea Marjorie! Such diverse topics and interesting people you have interviewed so far. I look forward to more. I love your probing and thoughtful questions.

Green Mountain College Student

Great Stuff

This podcast really opens your eye and mind to living in a different way that can lessen the impact on our beautiful earth and ways that you can adjust your own lifestyle. Amazing and inspiring guests, great questions and thought provoking material to living a more sustainable life!

Nicole M.