025: Use Your Money to Make a Difference with Cara MacMillan

Sustainable Investor Cara MacMillan talks about making a difference with the products you purchase everyday.


024: Fracking is No Laughing Matter with Comedian Ron Placone

Ron gives us some interesting insight from his first-hand experiences and has suggestions for how we can make fracking a thing of the past.


023: Tiny House, Big Decision with Tiny House Podcast Co-host Perry Gruber

The tiny house movement: pros, cons, and the #1 question to ask before starting your journey


022: Fermentation on Wheels with Tara Whitsitt

Tara Whitsitt talks living and eating in community, where our food comes from and of course…fermentation.


021: Ecological Art and Bringing Nature Into the Home with Ashley Lieber

Ashley Lieber, ecological artist and educator, talks Moss for Meditation, maker culture, and free seeds!


020: Tameko Rowe Talks Radical Self Care and Natural Beauty Products

Cocoa Butter Mothers’ Tameko Rowe talks all-natural health & beauty products and radical self-care.

Praise for A Sustainable Mind

Love It!

This is such a great idea Marjorie! Such diverse topics and interesting people you have interviewed so far. I look forward to more. I love your probing and thoughtful questions.

Green Mountain College Student

Great Stuff

This podcast really opens your eye and mind to living in a different way that can lessen the impact on our beautiful earth and ways that you can adjust your own lifestyle. Amazing and inspiring guests, great questions and thought provoking material to living a more sustainable life!

Nicole M.