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The Arbor Day Foundation’s mission is simple: we inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. As Director of Forestry Carbon Markets, Jeremy Manion leads strategic partnerships, demand activities, market leadership, and future horizon planning at Arbor Day Carbon, a wholly-owned venture of the Foundation. Our vision is to accelerate reforestation by investing in people and partnerships. Jeremy has rapidly enhanced the development of existing and new forestry carbon projects, is a trusted resource for corporate sustainability leaders, and serves on many influential carbon market-shaping collaborations.

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Arbor Day Carbon supports and accelerates reforestation by investing in people and partnerships. By buying and selling forestry carbon credits, Arbor Day Carbon invests in new and expanding carbon projects across the globe. Learn more about investment and reforestation opportunities at

In this episode Marjorie and Jeremy discuss:

  • The history of Arbor Day and what role Arbor Day Carbon plays in their work
  • What the voluntary carbon market is and what role do land stewards and carbon credit investors play
  • The principles Arbor Day Carbon uses to select appropriate reforestation projects and how they invest in communities
  • Information for land stewards, what are the considerations before starting the process, the requirements, benefits, and overall process

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