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Laird Christensen has dedicated his life to environmental activism and finding ways to create more sustainable communities. He has been an author, activist and educator during his career and that is how I came to know Laird, through his courses at Green Mountain College, where received my Masters in Environmental Studies. Laird is the Director of GMC’s latest masters program in Resilient and Sustainable Communities and in this episode we discuss his upbringing and his inspiration for developing the program.


Long-standing Habit

  • Mindfulness, learned from the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, which focused on awareness and compassion

Most Unexpected Gift in Developing MRSC

  • Laird learned from his students what it means to build community in different places all around the country.

Environmental Resource

  • Post Carbon Institute – Empowers people to live healthier lives by covering research and education to change consumer habits.

Sustainable Mindset Book

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