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Jay Sinha has a unique background in biochemistry, law, ecotoxicology and environmental research. In this interview, he reveals a lot about the true nature of what is in the products we use on a day-to-day basis and then gives us an amazing resource list to do some research on our own. Get a pen and paper kids, you’re going to need it for this interview!


Most versatile item for a plastic-free life:

  • The mason jar – it can become a water bottle, is good for storing bulk food items, makes great freezer and leftover storage and even a lunch container

Long-standing habit that’s contributed to personal and business success:

  • Eating well – it provides clarity of mind, increased energy, decreasing stress, better sleep and promotes healthy living overall

A cool new toy he just ordered in the mail:

  • A Pela iPhone case made out of bioplastic from plant fibers

LOTS of resources!


Parting piece of guidance:

Don’t be overwhelmed, start by simply getting out into nature. Get a sense of its importance and that will inspire you to make changes in your life

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