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Ma’ikwe Ludwig is the Executive Director of Dancing Rabbit Eco Village in Northern Missouri and also sits on the Board of the Directors for the Fellowship for Intentional Community. With a long history of being involved in this work she is well-known for candidly discussing the blessings and challenges of living in an intentional community.


Just a few of my favorite takeaways from this episode:

“Do you really give a shit about other people enough to be having it determine your decision making?”

Tweet This: “There is a lot of choice here about how exactly you embody sustainability.”

“We need to actually have a culture that supports people in living their values rather than having their values as something that is an afterthought in their lives. or that is the secondary thing. It really needs to become the primary thing. Living in a community like Dancing Rabbit allows you to do that.”

A New Concept:

  • Materialized empathy

Life changing advice:

  • Always follow your intuition, your life could depend on it.

You don’t buy a lot of stuff but what is one item you’ve chosen to buy new that has drastically improved you life:

  • Toaster over, perfect for cooking meals for 1!



Resource list

Who are the people that you have found play an integral role in getting projects off the ground?

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