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Ashley Erwin grew up in rural, northern Georgia. In her words it was the “Type of place where fertilizer goes to greeting ya soon as the front door went to close, where cow tipping and horse jacking and bonfire-truck-meet-ups with blue label sodas stacked heavy in ice chests were the norm, and where ‘mams and sirs were added on to ever’thing less a slap upside the head were what ya’s hankering after.”

In this episode, Ashley Erwin and Marjorie Alexander cover:

  • Why Angel’s Envy is teaming up with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees and how you can get involved
  • What makes bourbon…BOURBON? Why, the trees of course!
  • The family history of Angel’s Envy, including Lincoln Henderson, the creator of Woodford Reserve, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel as well as JD’s “Gentleman Jack” 
  • What techniques go into making Angel’s Envy bourbons and ryes so unique

*** Use the hashtag #ToastTheTrees along with images of Angel’s Envy cocktails, neat pours and bottles. Let’s give Ashley lots of trees to plant next year in Kentucky! ***

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