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Pat Schnettler is an ocean activist and the founder of 12 Tides kelp snack company. Making his start in the traditional seafood industry, he was disheartened by its unsustainable practices and negative impacts, from overfishing and pollution to coastline destruction. Today, Pat is on a mission to show the world how our everyday food and lifestyle choices have the power to positively impact our oceans and the future of our planet.


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In this episode Marjorie and Pat discuss:

  • The habitat impact of the traditional seafood industry and how it contributes to coastline destruction
  • How consumers can be sure the sources of seafood they consume are trustworthy
  • What exactly is sea kelp and how is it different from seaweed?
  • The benefits of growing sea kelp for habitat restoration and as a sustainable food product


Resources mentioned in today’s episode:


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