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Jackie Marks is a sustainability communications professional with a passion for protecting animals and the planet. At the MSC Jackie and her team aim to drive greater consumer awareness of the MSC blue fish label and the important role certified sustainable fisheries play in protecting our ocean.

Jackie is the recipient of the Washington Women in Public Relations (WWPR) Emerging Leaders Award (June 2019), was a speaker at United Nations World Wildlife Day at UN HQ (February 2019), and has been quoted in Civil Eats, USA Today, and the Associated Press, among others. She holds master’s degrees in International Relations, and Natural Resources & Sustainable Development, and a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies.


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In this episode Marjorie and Jackie discuss:

  • The role the Marine Stewardship Council plays in making sure shoppers have access to safe, healthy, and sustainable seafood products
  • What exactly makes seafood sustainable or not
  • How a cookbook is helping the MSC with its efforts to promote sustainable seafood and healthy eating habits
  • How to take the first step in getting a job in the physical and environmental sciences


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Resources mentioned in today’s episode:

Connect with the Marine Stewardship Council:
Connect with Marjorie Alexander: