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Benjamin Novak Hudgins is the Co-Founder and CEO of Novak Hair Studios. As a nationally-recognized hairstylist with over 18 years of industry experience, Hudgins uses his expertise to inspire Novak’s 90+ Luxury Solo Artists in two unique locations throughout North Texas. His work has been displayed at New York fashion week, the Mercedes-Benz tent at Swim Week Miami, and on stages and classrooms across the US. He has been the preferred stylist of many contestants in a variety of pageant systems and the go-to beauty pro for high-profile/celebrity clients across the nation.

From Hudgins’ early career in the competitive pageant world, Novak Hair Studios has carried that tradition by proudly serving as an official sponsor of Mrs. Texas America and Mrs. Oklahoma America. Hudgins’ foundation in life and work is to build a better life while actively creating a better and more beautiful planet.

Benjamin’s passion for hair began at a young age when he would steal his sister’s Collection Edition Barbies to style their hair. No longer styling barbies, he can be found at his small Texas ranch aptly named the “Hudgins Honey Bee Ranch” with husband Justin Hudgins and their chickens, ducks, bees, and Scottish Highland cows – Edna, Walter, and baby Otis.


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In this episode Marjorie and Ben discuss:

  • Why choosing beauty products with sustainable and healthy ingredients is so important
  • How certain ingredients make it into our favorite and previously more healthy and sustainable hair care product lines
  • Sustainable innovation within the haircare industry both in products and in salons
  • His surprising experiences in opening two sustainable salons in North Texas


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