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Trash Academy, a project of Mural Arts Philadelphia’s Environmental Justice department, is an intergenerational collaboration of young people, seasoned activists, artists, non-profits, local government, and concerned citizens of diverse backgrounds. These interventions are geared to complicate and deepen people’s understanding of litter, consumption, and waste and shift attitudes from passive acceptance to proactive responses to the waste stream. Collectively, they design projects that add surprising and interesting elements to the urban landscape using fun group activities and games, teach-ins, workshops, and three Trash Mobiles providing on-site art and creativity studios at neighborhood events and locales.

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In this episode Marjorie and Ron discuss:

  • Some of the challenges with waste in Philadelphia and how Trash Academy is educating people of all ages about the true impact of waste in our communities
  • How the Trash Mobile and other activities use concepts like gamification to have a lasting impact that traditional PSAs and non-interactive signage have not been able to accomplish
  • How parents can help their children better understand the concept of trash
  • Good first steps for how to get involved in issues you care about in your own community

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