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Proud hippie, eco-warrior, thought leader and renowned retailer Jarvis advises brands including Natwest, HSBC, Deloitte, Citrix, the Parliament Trust, House of Lords’ group Peers4Planet. His magazine GREEN was published with National Geographic from 2008, then The Guardian in 2010, evolving into the world’s biggest ethical lifestyle magazine My Green Pod magazine from 2013. Jarvis launched the P.E.A. (People Environment Achievement) Awards which is the UK’s leading sustainability awards and honours individuals and teams for their contribution towards sustainability. Jarvis’ online eco-conscious store leads the field in ethical shopping and in the next decade Jarvis’ intent is to provide an ethical alternative to Amazon, with real purpose and proper values. 

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In this episode Marjorie and Jarvis discuss:

  • The experience that caused Jarvis to commit his life to the environment and ‘business for good’ 
  • My Green Pod’s early partnerships with Nat Geo and the Guardian in the UK and the impact Jarvis and his team are hoping the site will have on the community in the coming years
  • Why the term consumer is problematic and more empowering frames of reference for purchasing essential and non-essential products
  • Our shifting relationship with nature and how that impacts our awareness, attention, and treatment of the environment.

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