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The Grandad Company is a closed-loop upcycling brand whose mission is to breathe life into reclaimed vintage menswear for a new unisex generation. Rooted by the love and admiration for Grandads, founder and designer Jess Grech adopted her philosophy and core values from her stylish grandad. The brand uses her Grandad’s un-wanted items and combines them with vintage clothing her Grandad would wear, to create a limited edition item that could never be made again.

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In this episode Marjorie and Jess discuss:

  • How Jess’ childhood and relationship with her grandfather inspired her to start a recycled clothing company.
  • How Jess comes up with her design ideas and creates one-of-a-kind recycled fashion pieces.
  • Sustainable business and the importance of creating opportunity in an ever-changing market.

Resources mentioned in today’s episode:

  • Bethany Williams
  • Bepple Pub Facebook Group
  • The Sustainable Handbook
  • The Fashion Business Manual

Connect with Jess and The Grandad Company:

Connect with Marjorie Alexander: