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Fedia Kourbatov is 23 years old and the founder of Baba Bags, a reusable bag social enterprise. Fedia founded Baba Bags in his college dorm room 2 years ago at the University of Oklahoma. Baba Bags’ mission is to eliminate single-use plastic bag usage and give back to impactful nonprofits. In 2 years they have saved an estimated 50,000 single-use plastic bags from being used! Baba Bags currently are handmade, come with a lifetime warranty and come in 2 colors. Their green & white bag is partnered with Action Against Hunger and their orange & white bag is partnered with the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Each time the respective color is purchased Baba Bags donates to the partnered charity!

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In this episode Marjorie and Fedi discuss:

  • Starting a business with a social goal as part of its primary mission.
  • The personal history behind the design of the Baba Bag and the people behind the handmade bags.
  • The future of gamification as an earth-friendly habit-building tool.
  • Valuable advice for any entrepreneur.

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