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Kate Flynn, CEO & Co-Founder of Sun & Swell, has an MBA from Harvard, is a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, and has a background in strategy consulting in the retail food industry.

Several years ago, she set out to build a new kind of packaged food company – one that is better for both people and the planet. Sun & Swell uses only healthy, organic, whole foods that are free from harmful ingredients and chemical additives, and is a pioneer in the packaged food industry when it comes to using compostable packaging – one of the very first company’s in the US to sell their foods in compostable packaging.

Kate has met her fair share of challenges along the road to transition her company to fully compostable packaging but remains focused on her goal of disrupting the food industry and pioneering a circular food system.

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In this episode Marjorie and Kate discuss:

  • The many considerations and challenges of compostable packaging in the food industry.
  • Prioritizing non-negotiables in business and how that enabled Sun & Swell to thrive in the niche of organic food sold in compostable packaging.
  • Local waste, recycling, and composting infrastructure and why some composting facilities are tossing your bio-degradable items into the landfill.
  • New opportunities in the food space for eco-conscious entrepreneurs, brands, and consumers.

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