Seth Mansur is a longtime sustainability advocate and Marine Corps veteran, and over the last decade, he has developed a deep understanding of a multitude of energy management solutions. Seth’s work serves the energy needs of Commercial, Industrial, and Non-Profit Organizations and his primary objective is to help organizations take a proactive approach to evaluating and taking action on their energy needs. 

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In this episode Marjorie and Seth discuss:

  • What exactly is energy management, why does it matter, and how does it differ between residential to commercial buildings
  • Why are energy bills so difficult to read!
  • The role of energy audits and energy monitors and determining if your situation would benefit from these tools
  • What peak energy means and why it’s so expensive
  • Community choice aggregation or deregulated energy options
  • What the energy grid of the future could look like and what happens to energy monopolies when a majority of users switch to renewables

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